Welcome To Viewen Dear Citizen!
As You Know, At Viewen, For Activation, All Citizens Must Notify The Team Via A Ticket. Here’s How Activation Works :
  1. Log In To Your Account At Clients Area
  2. Open A Ticket With Title “Account Activation”
  3. In The Ticket Details, Just Mention Your Domain and A Brief Purpose
  4. When The Team Gets The Ticket, They Will Reply With A Few Questions, Be Very Careful While You Answer The Questions! Because These Questions Decide Whether The Ticket Opener Is A Spammer Or A Loyal Citizen, Carefully Answer Each Question And To The Point To Make It Easy And Quick
  5. Once The Team Reviews Your Reply, They Will Either Accept Or Reject The Application Depending On The Answers. Please Note That Viewen Only Rejects Spam, A Normal, Person’s Application Has Never Been Rejected So Be At Rest and Assured That Viewen Will Love To Have You On Board
  6. Once Approved, Check Your Email For Details, Your cPanel Username and Password, nameservers, some server details will be there.


We Appreciate Your Dedicated Time and We Value Your Cooperation. Thank You For Choosing Viewen! Have An Excellent Day!