Free Unlimited WordPress Hosting

Free Unlimited WordPress Hosting

Why do we offer Free Unlimited WordPress Hosting? If your end goal is to build a very  powerful, successful, and effective website, this is the best platform to do it on. What’s the first step, and how long will it take you to get everything setup and going? To help you out with this, invest some time to researching all the steps your business website will have to go through in order to ensure your Free blog hosting account works best for you and your organization. If you have already finish doing your research, answer the following question: what am I trying to accomplish with my site? Depending on your answer, here’s a path that will get you going in the right direction

I’m trying to grow my business

For most, the answer is simply summed up in wanting more business. By understanding that at best, a WordPress Blog is simply a tool (A very powerful one), and a tool does not guarantee success – rather it helps you accomplish your goals quicker. By using our WordPress hosting platform, we arm you with 2 very powerful tools

  1. Instant installation of your new WordPress blog, and
  2. Guidance to help cover all the basics, and the complicated.

To install your WordPress site, please follow these easy instructions.

Free Unlimited WordPress Hosting

  • Click on the “SERVICES” tab.
  • Click on the “Active” tab of the domain you are looking to install your WordPress on.
  • To your left under the “Actions” section, find and click Login to cPanel.
  • In the search box, type, “QuickInstall”. Click on it when it comes up (It’s going to be under the “Software” area.)
  • Under the Popular Installs, click: WordPress.
  • Find the Section which says, “Install WordPress For FREE,” and click, “Install WordPress.”

Where do you go from here? If this is your first site and you don’t currently have one going, start by pointing your nameservers to use by using the following nameservers:

If the IPs are required for the nameservers, these are the one’s you’ll want to use:
By doing this, you’ll be able to access your WordPress Admin area and see the changes you make to your site.



Dear Viewen Citizen,

Please be advised that Viewen is adjusting its price for previous cPanel Access and cPanel SSD plans. There will be a small price hike of 0.51$.

All active/suspended cPanel Access/SSD accounts will be upgraded to the Starter plan.

Recurring amounts will be updated to 1.50$ per month. The updates will be reflected from 12/09/2019.

Reason: cPanel has hiked its prices by up to 1200% from September 2019.

You can review our new plans here:


As always, we are committed to providing superior products and services to you in the continued development of your business.

We very much appreciate your business and support.



What Happens to My Existing cPanel Access & cPanel SSD Services?

For customers with existing monthly services, we will transition those services to the new model beginning 12th of September 2019.  For example, if you have a service with value 0.99$, it will be converted to the Starter plan costing $1.5/month.


Conversion of Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual and Multi-Year Services

We will honor the billing cycles of all existing non-monthly Services and convert these Services to $1.5/month billing at the end of their existing billing cycle. For example, if you purchased a 1-year service on April 1, 2019, it will convert on April 1, 2020.