Free Cloud Hosting For Students

Imagine building a website on a platform that requires no financial commitment from you – wouldn’t that be amazing! Guess What? Viewen offers Free Cloud Hosting For Students.

Create your school project on our premium cloud-based platform that thousands of bloggers, students, and business have found in many cases better than that of paid hosting companies.

As an educator or a student, you’ll love the fact that we’ll never try to upsell you to a paid package because we do not have any. That’s right, Viewen does not sell hosting to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Free Hosting For All Students

Full cPanel Access Without Any Restrictions or Limitations

Let’s face it, the only way you’re going to get your project fully completed is by having the best tools at your disposal, and that’s why we don’t limit the tools inside of your control panel.

It’s import for students to use an interface that is widely accepted as an industry standard, and this is why we opted to paid licensing fees to ensure that all students had the best hosting experience.

Free Cloud Hosting For Students

Prepare Your Students for Cloud Computing.

Limiting students to traditional methods of learning is almost a thing of the past because this generation is groomed to under technology like no one else in history. From Pre-K all the way to college, technology is dominating the conversation. Currently, Viewen is the only platform on the web that offers true cloud space for students to flourish.

Start building apps with remote databases through MySQL, or php-based scripts directly from your cPanel interface.

Is There a Limit on How Many Students Can Have Free Cloud Hosting Accounts?

There’s no limit. If you’re a teacher or a student who is ready to share the news with your peers, go right ahead. We have not limitations and therefore this becomes a very enjoyable experience for all involved.