All of our services are absolutely free to our members, so we encourage you to build your website and web presence with the full confidence that Viewen will be there to cheer your success. If you have any questions about our top-tier support & hosting services, we encourage you to ask our Facebook community about their personal experience. We offer same day ticket support & fanatical social media support.


Our pending process is pretty straight forward, so all we ask is that you provide us your correct information (We hate spam, so we DO NOT sell any of your information to third parties). If you provide us incorrect information, our security team will have to kindly reject your account, so please use your information. When you sign up, well send you our Terms of Service for you to review, and once we have your confirmation, our team will proceed to activate your free web hosting account.


Get Free Hosting


There’s never a charge for our services, so dont worry about ever receiving an invoice for hosting your site with us, we designed our platform with free in mind.



If your site is compromised or has malware, please inform us before transferring to our servers, we can help you clean the site(s) prior to getting them on our servers. If you upload a compromised site, your account will be quickly disabled and you will be banned from our hosting platform.


More than hosting your site, Viewen’s goal is to help guide your desire to build an online presence by publishing a website. Firstly, you’ll need to understand that this is not going to be an overnight experience and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you and does not care about your ultimate outcome. There are 3 main challenges that you’ll have to overcome, however, they are quite doable with a little bit of effort on your behalf.

  1. You’ll need to have a good understanding on how to define who your main audience is going to be.
  2. You’ll need to know how to reach that audience.
  3. You’ll need the tools to be able to reach that audience.

The last part is where all the hosting companies come into play(Free or Pay). Lets start by understanding the difference between Free Cloud Web hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting:

Paid Web Hosting

For the most part, the biggest advantage of paid hosting is that you get phone support, however, it doesn’t mean your issue will get resolved immediately via that call. A majority of the major hosting companies will typically convert that call into a ticket that gets passed onto an admin who will work on it as part of a larger queue. This means that your call is as good as you sending the ticket yourself. Additionally, phone support is typically an avenue created for billing purposes. When you have a billing dispute, its more convenient for you to call them rather than send in a ticket.

With paid hosting, you get a premium cPanel. This is what you’ll use to manage most aspects of your website. Some hosting companies have some very cool script that will allow you to automatically install WordPress or any of the major CMS scripts.

Free Hosting

With our Free Web Hosting, your main support avenue is going to be through our same day ticket system or our social media support. You also have the freedom to call us in the event that the issue warrants it. Since we dont charge you for our hosting, then theres no reason to contact our billing department and even if you wanted to contact our billing department you would not be able to speak with them because we dont have one.

What’s cool about, Viewen is that we have the exact same cPanel as the major players. In fact, we share the exact same data center as they do. What does this mean? It means that there’s ZERO, and I mean ZERO difference in the cPanel or quality of service. An example I like to use is this: If you’re thirsty and you want a Coca-Cola, you can go to your favourite local restaurant and purchase a Coca-Cola, or you can go to the most expensive dinner in the world and purchase the exact same Coca-Cola.

Ultimately, consider whether your goals are to grow(this has nothing to do whether or not you paid for the service), or simply create a static site that will do next to nothing for bringing new customers to your business.

At Viewen we believe that by providing web hosting services for free, this will alleviate some of the financial burdens on the member, and provide them some extra cash that they can invest in their marketing. In fact, the right marketing is the key to making a website successful. If your vision is to grow, our platform was designed for that exact purpose.