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Free cPanel

Get free cPanel hosting. Manage your website using free cPanel control panel and all the amazing features you’re used to.

Free SSL

100% Free SSL included. Thanks to Letsencrypt and Viewen, you can now secure all your websites through this open certificate authority.

Free Softaculous

One Click Install for 422 apps from your cPanel. Softaculous takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from install to backup to update.

Free Support

We offer free web hosting support through, phone, social media, live Facebook broadcasts, Google hangouts, and tickets.

What’s the catch?

We’re so glad you ask! The main catch is that you need to be a serious user. We don’t allow spammers, hackers, or people who want to do phishing on our networks. We provide our Free Cloud Web Hosting Services for all those individuals who want to share their work with the world and grow their online presence.

What’s The Cost? does not offer anything on its website for you to purchase. We offer the latest cPanel and everything you’ll need to create the most amazing website. We never ask you to pay for premium services as everything we offer is Free Premium Cloud Web Hosting Services.


“I have been using Viewen for a year now, ever since they launched and ever since I signed up they have always been the best free web hosting provider that is built for you to succeed without any costs. Starting from only 3 servers to almost 10! (at the time of writing this review) Viewen is perfect for anybody, whether you are only building a site for a blog or you want to be the next multi-million dollar business, Viewen is a great hosting provider to lay the foundation and your path to success. I highly recommend this hosting provider to anybody, and they just keep getting better and better. Thank you Viewen for all you do for the publishing community, you will always be the best free hosting provider.”

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We make the verification process very easy and secure for all our citizens. You’ll be extremely happy to know that we don’t ask for credit cards or IDs. Currently, we only have one method of verification, and that’s through Facebook. When you sign up for your account, one of the fields will request that you provide a link to your Facebook account. The reason we ask this is to verify your identity. Since it’s pretty easy to provide a wrong Facebook link, we ask everyone who is applying for Citizenship on Viewen to like our page. When our team goes to the Facebook link you provided us and sees that Viewen was like by that page, that tells us that you indeed are the rightful owner of the page and we’ll be able to continue our approval process. To make this process easier, we have provided a Like button next to this article so you speed up the process. If we’re unable to approve your request, simply unlike our page, and no harm done.

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Start by choosing one of the cities(server) that you would like to join (Due to the fact that some of the cities are already fully occupied, we will assign you a city that will best fit your need). After you have signed up, please log into your dashboard (This will be created when you sign up) and send us a ticket requesting that we start the reviewal process.

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With most traditional services, to keep your accounts active you typically make a monthly payment, with us it’s different; since we don’t charge money, all we ask for you to do is to simply share Viewen’s facebook page on your Facebook page. If our team needs to check whether or not an active should be open and they see that share, they won’t suspend it.



Dear Viewen Citizen,

Please be advised that Viewen is adjusting its price for previous cPanel Access and cPanel SSD plans. There will be a small price hike of 0.51$.

All active/suspended cPanel Access/SSD accounts will be upgraded to the Starter plan.

Recurring amounts will be updated to 1.50$ per month. The updates will be reflected from 12/09/2019.

Reason: cPanel has hiked its prices by up to 1200% from September 2019.

You can review our new plans here:


As always, we are committed to providing superior products and services to you in the continued development of your business.

We very much appreciate your business and support.



What Happens to My Existing cPanel Access & cPanel SSD Services?

For customers with existing monthly services, we will transition those services to the new model beginning 12th of September 2019.  For example, if you have a service with value 0.99$, it will be converted to the Starter plan costing $1.5/month.


Conversion of Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual and Multi-Year Services

We will honor the billing cycles of all existing non-monthly Services and convert these Services to $1.5/month billing at the end of their existing billing cycle. For example, if you purchased a 1-year service on April 1, 2019, it will convert on April 1, 2020.