If you have accounts on Miami, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES in the next 8 hours. We're going to be doing some testing and some DNS changes. Hopefully, this will not affect any accounts, but the truth is that due to some DNS changes that we're implementing on our end, there's always that possibility. If someone has an issue, simply let them know ... Read More »

May 4th What Version of PHP Are You Using?

PHP versions 5.4 and earlier, are deprecated software and no longer receive security updates from the PHP development team. As such, we are running PHP 5.6.

Mar 20th Thank you for choosing Viewen!

Why do we offer free web hosting? We believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that when someone is willing to help them grow, they don't forget it. At viewen, we don't have any products, ads, or upsells within our platform. Each client is encouraged to build their site absoutely free, and reach out to us for assistance ... Read More »