Free SSL Hosting

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In easy words, SSL encrypts the data between the user and the server. It is very important to use SSL as it protects your important from being read by an outer source.

Viewen provides Free SSL Certificate on all servers. We provide Free SSL Certificate issues by Lets Encrypt. It is supported by all browsers. Viewen uses Auto SSL so when we create your account, it will be auto-generated. You don’t have to do anything. Simply wait at least 1 hour and Enjoy!

To check your SSL Certificate, Simply open your site with https://. For example- You will see a secured green icon in your browser. That indicated that SSL has been installed on your domain.

If you are not getting a secured icon or getting an error, Please send us a ticket. We will be happy to fix it.

Please note: Auto SSL only works when you are using Viewen Nameservers. It will not work if you use CloudFlare.