Free Web Hosting Service to Make Your Joomla! Site Live

Free Web Hosting Service to Make Your Joomla! Site Live

To build a functional website is hard; to find a good paid or free website host isn’t any easier. Seriously, a tremendous number of hosting companies exist on the market today. Choosing the right hosting provider in general and a hosting provider in specifically should depend on what type of Joomla! site you want to create: business, personal, hobby, blog, etc.

After researching some Shared web hosting providers, I have made two lists of two common web hosting types: free and paid, including the best web hosting providers for Joomla sites. In this article, we will review if a free web hosting services can support a Joomla platform.

Free Joomla! Site Hosting
Free Joomla! Site Hosting

Should you consider a Free Web Hosting service to bring your Joomla! site live?

If your website has very demanding needs, most free providers might not be for you.  This is due to all the limitations that come with many free hosting providers. On a platform like Viewen’s, the client gets the exact same features they would on any paid hosting account. It provides unlimited Add-on domains, unlimited parked domains, and unlimited sub-domains, full access to FTP, PHP, Apache and Control Panel (cPanel). It also allows .htaccess access. There are no pop-ups or flashy image banners; making this the only free host that is a totally practical option.


For hosting a Joomla! site, you should pay attention to these features:

  • Disk space (refers to the amount of hard disk space the hosting company offers for your web pages) and Bandwidth limit (refers to the amount of data that website visitors can download from a website): as much as possible
  • FTP access support: it allows you to upload files, esp. Joomla’s files from local host
  • File restrictions: some free hosts impose a maximum size on each of the files you upload
  • Advertisements: no forced ads is the best
  • User reviews: you should make it a point to check out what others have to say about the web host.

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