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Do You Really Offer Free Web Hosting?

Yes! Don’t just take our word for it, but click here and check all the amazing feedback that have been left by our very active and loyal social media users about our Free Web Hosting. There’s so much amazing feedback, however, here are a few comments that we found which represent what most people experience when using the Viewen Platform (There are minor edits for grammar purposes).

“I have used all the free website hosters like ultimate free host, infinityfree, ect. Most of these sites don’t have a proper cPanel and the database section wizard would be missing, but with VIEWEN you get a full cPanel, and that’s what I like. I finally found a good place to host my free website. Their support is fast (which I also like). I rate this 5 out 5. This is the best one I have found so far.”

“Best hosting platform I’ve ever experienced, flawless setup, flawless panels and flawless support. Keep up the good work Viewen!”
“I have an account at Viewen. Opened my online store and have been progressing with it nearly 1 year already. Viewen is the best FREE hosting company in the world.”

Why Do We Give Away Web Hosting For Free?

We believe that our Free Hosting Platform can be the foundations for your vision to flourish, grow, and have a massive impact on your local community and the world. Imagine if your only limitation was your own effort and creativity and not whether or not you had the funds to pay for it. We are removing this financial barrier and encouraging you to dream big and make something happen.
I’m, Orlando Delcid, founder and CEO of, and for many years I was privileged to work for the world’s largest web hosting company. My passion for helping others comes from understanding the dedication that people have for their businesses and projects.
I want to help you, and I’m personally financing this project. Viewen is not your typical company – we don’t have sponsors, we don’t run ads, we don’t ask our members for any money to host their sites with us. We never want our overall platform to be paid, and of course we understand that in some instances people will request features that are not included within our Free platform that might have a cost, but this is for things that are above and beyond are highly tuned free network.
From the start, we decided that our Cloud Web Hosting Platform would offer the very best tools, such as: cPanel, SSL, MySQL, PHP, Script Installers like softaculous, PHP selectors, and so many other features. All these features are a treasure on their own, however, the crown jewel of Viewen is the amazing and FREE LIVE SUPPORT. 

What Type Of Panel Do I Get?

Believe it or not, we offer the absolute best in web hosting control panels. As most industry leaders know, cPanel is the world’s most popular panel for web hosting companies. Basically, you’ll get the latest and the greatest.

Orlando Delcid


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Dear Viewen Citizen,

Please be advised that Viewen is adjusting its price/features for Starter, cPanel Access, Starter Plesk, Plesk SSD and cPanel SSD plans w.e.f 10.01.2020. There will be a small price hike or change in plan features.

You can review our new plans here: Cheap Hosting Plans

As always, we are committed to providing superior products and services to you in the continued development of your business. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know by opening a ticket or coming to live chat.

We very much appreciate your business and support.



Date: 09.27.2020