Shared Hosting vs cloud

Shared Hosting vs cloud

As I’m sure you know, Shared Hosting is the most popular platform currently being offered on the web. You install WordPress through a control panel and you hope that’s all to it. If you’re lucky, once you have installed your WordPress blog, maybe 1 or 2 people will ever see it.

Okay, so Shared Hosting has one flaw, and that’s the general all-around function is to make the user experience less complicated. It’s a powerful server, which is amazing resource in the handles of experience webmaster. For this platform to be effective, it relies on people actually having an understanding on how to combine the multiple available tools to fully publish a website.

So how much traffic do you need, exactly, to earn with Shared Hosting or should you be thinking about a VPS or Dedicated server?

Low Traffic Means a Bad Investment

What does traffic have to do with shared or cloud hosting? Traffic is actually the most important factor about any type of hosting, but it’s rarely presented in this manner.

  • A site that is built with the wrong content doesn’t rank well. This typically means sites that are nothing more than the original WordPress installation, sites that have all of their content embedded in Flash or videos, and sites that are full of spam and low quality content. There are also some content industries that will get you rejected, like illegal pharmaceuticals.
  • A site that has a design making it virtually unusable. Something like white text on a neon yellow background is unacceptable as far as Google is concerned. If your design is hard to use, Google may well reject you.
  • A lack of essential pages can earn you a rejection. Essential pages, as far as Google is concerned, are the privacy policy, the about page, and the contact page. Google loves it when webmasters make these pages, even if they aren’t strictly necessary for something like a basic personal blog.

To successfully choose the correct platform, you’re going to have to make a decision whether or not you intend for your site to be found or not.

How shared hosting is changing for the better
How shared hosting is changing for the better

Assuming you want to be successful, Shared Hosting vs Cloud should an easy decision

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