Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

When we talk about dedicated hosting, we are not referring to a virtual dedicated server; it’s so easy to confuse them because a VPS environment has assigned resources, and provides its users root access. Shared vs Dedicated Hosting is the subject of this article, and we’ll spend some time going over the main differences.

The first main difference is price. Since a dedicated server is not shared by any other client, the price is going to be a lot more higher. On average, a dedicated server is going to cost you 10 times more than a shared account. The extra cost will get you:

  1. Full Root Accecss
  2. cPanel with WHM Control Panel
  3. Apache Web Server
  4. MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
  5. SSH Access and Cron Job Scheduling
  6. A few dedicated IPs

Full Root Access

If you need root (i.e. sudo or substitute/super user) access to your server, you can enable it. This kind of access is used to install applications or make high-level changes to your server’s configuration.

  1. From the My Servers control panel, click Settings.
  2. Next to Admin Access, click Change.
  3. Make sure Enable your admin (root and sudo) access permission is selected.
  4. Click Save, and then click OK.

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

To recap the Shared environment, we go back to a previous example used to illustrate a shared platform. Shared Hosting is like living in an apartment complex where all your resources are shared among the tenants. Most small business are better served on a shared platform, and will get greater return on their investment if they were to work on the design and marketing of their website.

Most businesses websites run great on a shared platform because hosting companies typically have extremely powerful servers. would be perfect example of a shared hosting. Using the apartment analogy, shared user doesn’t really have have to cut their grass, clean the pools, worry about the complex insurance, and in the case of our users, they don’t have to worry about paying the rent!

If a shared environment is like an apartment complex, and a VPS environment is like a condo/townhouse, then a dedicated server is like a House.

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting
Shared Hosting is like owning your very own house.

A dedicated server is a tremendously important aspect of the hosting environment as it gives users full control, maximum customization, and flexibility of the server. Having full control means that you can create and destroy as you see fit. For the most part, you’ll most likely want to use a Linux environment, unless your specific script requires a Windows dedicated server.

Larger businesses will find that it’s probably best to start off on a dedicated server if they are going to have high-traffic websites. Find out from your web developer if your script will require them having root access or WHM access. It’s also a good idea to purchase an SSL and a dedicated IP if you’re going to be selling any products online.

The pros and cons to Shared vs Dedicated Hosting are going to primary on the amount of traffic, the type of access, and email marketing you plan on doing.

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