Using WordPress to Succeed Online

Using WordPress to Succeed Online

For those who love to cook, you know how important an oven is; for those who like to eat, thank God for those who know how to use an oven. WordPress is the most amazing oven that the web hosting industry has seen, and there is good reason for that. This article will take you through the full process of properly setting up and using WordPress.

Using WordPress

There are so many article on the web about WordPress and why it’s one of the most amazing platforms on the web to establish your website. This article will focus on the installation of WordPress, and the basic optimization.

How to login to cPanel

Installing WordPress is pretty straight forward with Viewen,  the following instructions will walk you through this entire process:

  1. Log into your Client Area.
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. In the My Products & Services area, click the “Active” button.
  4. Under the Actions section, click “Login to cPanel.”

Installing WordPress

Once you login to cPanel, the battle is almost won. The next few steps is really all you will have to get your WordPress platform installed.

  1. In cPanel, enter inside the search area “QuickInstall.” This should either 1) Open the QuickInstall Marketplace for you, or 2) show you the QuickInstall icon (If it shows you the icon, click it.)
  2. Under the Popular Installs area, click “WordPress.”
  3. Under the Install WordPress for FREE section, click “Install WordPress.”
  4. Click on the drop down arrow to select your site (Leave the Install/path/here empty.)
  5. Fill out all the information and click Install WordPress.

    Using WordPress is fast and easy.
    Using WordPress is fast and easy.
  6. If a popup appears, you can click “No thanks, I’m a web designer.”
  7. After it’s installed, go towards the top right and click, “View Credentials.”

    Access WordPress through QuickInstall
    Access WordPress through QuickInstall
  8. Copy the password, and under the admin area, click on the link.

That’s all you do to install WordPress using our automatic script installer. Very simple and fast.



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