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Houston, Texas


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Houston, Texas


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Pune, Maharashtra


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[ult_team team_img_grayscale=”off” img_border_style=”solid” img_border_width=”3″ img_border_color=”#ffffff” img_border_radius=”360″ img_hover_eft=”on” image=”id^2320|url^|caption^null|alt^Viewen CIO|title^Viewen CIO|description^null” name=”Afzaal Afridi”]




[ult_content_box bg_color=”#1e73be” border=”border-style:solid;|border-width:5px;border-radius:3px;|border-color:#42b8d6;” box_shadow=”horizontal:px|vertical:px|blur:px|spread:px|style:none|” hover_box_shadow=”horizontal:px|vertical:px|blur:px|spread:px|style:none|” min_height=”4″][/ult_content_box] is a Houston-based Cloud Web Hosting company whose purpose is to provide a publishing and web hosting platform for everyone. We offer a combination of free and paid options that are top notch with a cPanel-based interphase (If you’re new to web hosting, this is a good thing).

For over 10 years our CEO, Orlando Delcid, worked as an objective voice within the hosting industry; most recently he worked for one of the world’s largest web hosting company where he made lasting contributions. When he started offering free cloud based hosting, people were shocked and could not believe this was the case. In fact, many were skeptical and did not know what to think about the platform. Years later, and countless amount of positive feedback from our community, people are now strong believers and supporter of Viewen, here’s what one of our clients said: “One of the best hosting services in the world, no one can provide the hosting service as is providing.”

In an industry were customer service is not always the priority, we decided that this would not be the case with us, rather we built one of the most active and involved communities by focusing on the one thing that really matters, and that’s You! We call our members Citizens, and we name each server after a City. As a member of that City, you’ll meet other Citizens who will help you grow. Viewen has one of the most diverse support team in the History of free web hosting, where values and culture plays a big part in what we believe and what we do. Although our founders are in Houston, Texas, and our servers are located in Kansas City, we work along from folks from India, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sweden, and more! We’re here to earn your trust, and help you grow as a business. If you have a question, feel free to start a live chat.


I have been using Viewen since they launched, and they have always been the Best Free Web Hosting provider that is built for you to succeed without any cost. Starting from only 3 servers to almost 10! (at the time of writing this review) Viewen is perfect for anybody, whether you are only building a site for a blog or you want to be the next multi-million dollar business, Viewen is a great hosting provider to lay the foundation and your path to success. I highly recommend this hosting provider to anybody, and they just keep getting better and better. Thank you Viewen for all you do for the publishing community, you will always be the best free hosting provider.

-Chris Massen[/dt_quote]

Let’s admit it — we’re all eager to get free stuff. Free email, free searching, or even a free pen that barely has ink. When we hear the word “free,” it’s hard to resist.

What makes web hosting any different?

We all know that there are times when using a paid hosting plan simply makes sense, but why should this be the rule and not the exception? If you need to get your project up and going – without any cost to you, what options do you have?

If you’re the kind of thinker that believes that such a company should exist, then you came to the right place. Below, we are going to take an in-depth look at what it takes to become the top free cloud web hosting company (and the only completely free) host on the market.

While you do your research to find a 100% free web hosting platform, we’re going to facilitate this process for you and help you understand the fine print. We wish we could be more optimistic, but most customers that come to us report a bad experience with their previous free services, which often means hidden fees, annoying ads, and we cannot forget their higher tier hosting plans that will make everything better.

For most companies, their goal is to turn a free client into a paying customer without really caring about their overall need. Our expectations are as follows: We provide you a free platform to help grow, understand, and optimize the experience for the end-user, while providing a powerful management tool that will help maximize your business. 

Can you really trust third party reviews when it comes to finding the best Free Cloud Web Hosting Provider? We honestly can’t say that you can. What we have noticed is that many of these “so call free hosting reviews” are mostly done to promote their affiliate accounts. It’s sad but true. If you truly want unbiased feedback, simply check out what customers are saying about the web hosting site that you’re interested in.  

Why the “Almost-Free” Hosting Sites are an upsell bait.

If you look at the fine print for most hosting companies who offer Cloud Web Hosting plans for $1.99, that price is simply for the first invoice and the rest of the invoices will be at full price. Some companies get creative and offer you a larger discount if you’re willing to pay for 3-4 years at a time.

The Best Free Web Hosting Site.

Base on the reviews, takes the top place. Every single user that has scoured the internet has given us their unbiased and critical feedback, and their verdict is that our platform is the best hosting that doesn’t require money.

People are shocked that Viewen does not require any products to purchase.

Our goals have always been to offer the most amazing Free Cloud Web Hosting. If you check out every single review on our Facebook page, none will ever say that we have attempted to up-sell them to another hosting plan.

There are only 2 things that we ask of our Citizens (As a member, you’re considered a Citizen): The first is that you verify your identity not by credit card or photo ID, however, by simply providing us a link to your Facebook page. In order for us to verify it’s your page, simply give our Facebook page a like (Think about this way, one simple like we get you unlimited resources).

The second thing is also easy. If our services have made a difference in your life and you’re happy with it, simply share Viewen on your Facebook timeline once a month as your way of showing support for this platform. That is it! No money, no ads, no contract, no credit cards, and no up-sells. We keep nice and clean.

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Dear Viewen Citizen,

Please be advised that Viewen is adjusting its price/features for Starter, cPanel Access, Starter Plesk, Plesk SSD and cPanel SSD plans w.e.f 10.01.2020. There will be a small price hike or change in plan features.

You can review our new plans here: Cheap Hosting Plans

As always, we are committed to providing superior products and services to you in the continued development of your business. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know by opening a ticket or coming to live chat.

We very much appreciate your business and support.



Date: 09.27.2020