Free Cloud Web Hosting

Free Cloud Web Hosting + Publishing

  • Cloud Hosting With cPanel
  • Free SSL
  • Free Support
  • Free Softaculous
  • Unlimited Control Panels
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Active Social Media Team
  • Each Server Has a Mayor
  • No ID or Credit Card Required

I have been using Viewen since they launched, and they have always been the Best Free Web Hosting provider that is built for you to succeed without any cost. Starting from only 3 servers to almost 10! (at the time of writing this review) Viewen is perfect for anybody, whether you are only building a site for a blog or you want to be the next multi-million dollar business, Viewen is a great hosting provider to lay the foundation and your path to success. I highly recommend this hosting provider to anybody, and they just keep getting better and better. Thank you Viewen for all you do for the publishing community, you will always be the best free hosting provider.

-Chris Massen

Free Cloud Web Hosting

People are shocked that Viewen does not offer any products for people to purchase, as our goals have always been to offer the most amazing Free Cloud Web Hosting. If you check out every single review on our Facebook page, none will ever say that we have attempted to upsell them to another hosting plan. There are only 2 things that we ask of our Citizens (As a member, you’re considered a Citizen): The first is that you verify your identity not by credit card or photo ID, however, by simply providing us a link to your Facebook page. In order for us to verify it’s your page, simply give out a Facebook page a like. The second thing is also easy. We don’t like a bunch of dead accounts on our network, so instead of asking you to pay us as a way of us knowing that you still want our services, we simply ask that once a month you share Viewen on your Facebook page. Each month our team is able to see through the like who wants their account active that month and who does not. This is it! There’s absolutely nothing else that we require.