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Viewen is a professional hosting provider with years of experience globally. We are committed to providing fast and reliable hosting and server services.

Who We Are

Viewen.com is a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions designed to help small and large-sized businesses succeed online. The company serves members globally with a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services. Our multicloud solutions give you the power to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver the future. We enable private and public cloud solutions for your business through our expertise with the world’s leading technologies.

Our Reach:
With over 250+ Employees Globally you are provided with Outstanding Friendly Support. There is 24 Hrs Active Live Chat, Ticket System, Email and Telephonic Support. Our support system is not limited to this only, we also provide WhatsApp and Telegram Support.
We try not to keep our lovely customers waiting. There is no Wait Time on Telephonic Support. All tickets are attended within 30 Minutes and we always try to provide resolution as quick as possible.

Language has never been a barrier. You can chat with our Live Chat Agents in your country language.

Our History:
Viewen was founded in 2009 and started its journey as a Free Cloud Hosting Platform. We were a small hosting platform back then and managing millions of Free Hosting Customers wasn’t easy. Still, we were the only Free Hosting Platform that respected customers’ data privacy and provided Truly Unlimited Storage. We hired Smart Engineers who were committed to serving customers. No other Free Hosting company was capable enough to provide Quality Hosting with Premium and Quick Support System as we used to provide. We transitioned our platform in 2019 and increased our product portfolio. We stepped in to revolutionize managed cloud services in 2020. Our managed VPS & Dedicated Servers are one of the best in Hosting market. This meant our customers could get the world’s leading expertise and support, on their choice of the world’s leading technologies.

Providing market-leading innovation, outstanding customer service, and technical support has amassed a growing base of more than 200,000+ customers who trust the company with their website designs, domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, and virtual & dedicated servers. We have acquired the skills, software, and hardware to consistently maintain a reliable, secure website hosting, servers, and email platform. We respect customers’ privacy. We don’t share even a bit of information with any 3rd party. We have customer base in almost every country where internet is available. 


Viewen was inspired by an idea that we all share common views and that were better off expressing those views rather than burying them. In 2009, Orlando Delcid was looking for the perfect platform to share with the world, so he launched Viewen as a platform fo up-and-coming actors, of which many have gone on to become rather famous. From 2009-2011, he worked with a dedicated team of talented individuals to produce a local sitcom call, Afterschool Starz. After producing several episodes, in 2011 they wrapped the project and Orlando started working for HostGator.com. From 2011-2016, Orlando was fortunate enough to have worked closely with upper management and be mentored by some of the very best folks in the hosting industry. Now, as founder and CEO of Viewen.com, Orlando and his wife Simone are spearheading one of the most amazing cloud-based web hosting companies on the net.


We are here to build a relationship with our base, and help you accomplish your purpose by offering guided assistance as you start your web presence journey. We know the process is not easy, however our honesty is what helps us understand your specific challenges. By providing our base with the most cutting edge tools, we help make your experience that more easy, however, there’s still a lot a work to do, and we are ready to help you grow.

Meet Our Experts

Orlando Delcid

Chief Executive Officer

Simone Delcid

Chief Financial Officer

Aadarsh Pathak


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Viewen is a professional hosting provider with years of experience globally. We are committed to providing fast and reliable hosting and server services.

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